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Niche Citations

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Niche Citations Service

For both old and new businesses alike to thrive, it is important to gain a level of relevance and recognition within their industry irrespective of the technicality of the entry points within this niche.

To then achieve and sustain an untainted reputation, brands and businesses must pay attention to their ranking even within their niche because charity they say begins at home.

If then as a business or brand you have successfully mastered the art of  providing the best services in your industry but you are hardly recognized by competing businesses or brands,

What you need is Internet Mechanics’ Niche citation services!

Niche Citations
Choose an agency that pays the most attention to your business needs and would go overboard to give you desired results!

We provide quality industry-specific listings for your business.

At Internet Mechanics, our webmasters understand search algorithms and how they are formulated to spool only the best businesses and brands for industry-specific inquiries. Hence, what we posit to do is enhance your brand’s or business’ reputation such that web crawlers and search engines and their associated platforms can easily identify yours to the industry it belongs to.

Through the use of authoritative websites with which we build your brand’s citation, not only would it rank high in your industry’s directories but your overall online visibility becomes much more enhanced.
By doing this, not only are we giving your brand the right exposure or credibility, but we are also adding to the network of information that strengthens its niche, and as such your business becomes the most sought after in no distant time.

Our Niche Citation Service

Building consistent NAPWM (name, address, phone number, website, and map) Data

For brands and businesses looking to maximize the potentials of web platforms and directories whether- specific or generic, the importance of an accurate NAPWM data cannot be overemphasized because no one wants to be involved with a brand considered to be inconsistent in the first place. This is why our first point of call is to ensure that your NAPWM data is consistent on all listings- on web search engines and related platforms, Google My Business listing (where available), local listings, niche directories, and so on.
Niche Citations
Niche Citations

The use of advisory platforms to search for listings

The first most important step to solving any problem is understanding where it stems from. Hence, we take our time to access and understand the needs of those in need of the products and services in your industry and prevalent requests or inquiries on advisory platforms, this then serves as a base on which we create a listing that not only solves identified requests but outrightly exceeds these request expectations. Now if this is done correctly-like we always do, tell us what will stop your brand or business from ranking highly within your niche? Absolutely nothing!

We source for Local Niche Listings

Besides the use of advisory platforms and popular directory websites, we can also search for popular competitors within your city to trace where they are listed. This gives us a background to industry-specific platforms and directories where your business listing must be placed. This requires an in-depth search as there may be tonnes of listings to look through and re-selected because the list generated here is most times a handful.
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Niche Citations

We research Competitor citations

Competitor citation listings are also another avenue of deciphering the most relevant platforms for your niche. In this, there is a need to also research the credibility and prominence of these platforms, as not all identified platforms may be worth the sweat. It is after this that we then determine what platforms would effectively give your business the exposure and visibility it needs to lead in your industry.

Location-specific citations for your niche

We can also carry out a thorough search for directories and platforms within and around your business location. This is as important as any of the previously mentioned services because your first target is people around you who may need your products and services. For this, we identify your niche within your location and relevant directories and platforms for this niche, for which we create a listing for your business -if this does not exist already.
Niche Citations

What is the benefit of our Niche Citation Service to your business?

When you trust us at Internet Mechanics with your Niche Citation Service, you get

Maximum industry exposure and visibility

High ranking mentions on relevant industry platforms and directories

Increased lead and sales

Listings on platforms and directories that make a difference to your business and more-These are our specialty!

Get the Best Result With Our Services

Because we understand that citations are a very important aspect of holistic SEO campaigns, we have worked out a framework of services that ensures your business and brands alike get the best results with our niche citation services.
Niche Citations

Niche Citation FAQs

Niche citation is basically positioning a business or brand for maximum visibility and exposure on industry-specific platforms, websites, and directories. The main aim of this is to help search engines and web crawlers identify your business or brand to the industry it belongs.
Niche citation requires first seeking out all industry-related or associated platforms, sites, and directories; creating a top-notch listing for your brand or business- with an accurate NAPWM and of course placing this listing on this space for maximum exposure, visibility, and ultimately business growth.
While niche citation positions you for optimum exposure within industry-specific platforms and directories, business citation basically positions you on general business directories. What is however important to note is that both services are important for today’s businesses and brands.
Although, the cost of carrying out a niche citation varies across agencies, what we recommend is that you pay less attention to cost but rather- more attention to what service you get, how it gets done, and of course results – which the Internet Mechanics guarantees!